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How to fix battery life problem on HTC Desire HD Android 2.2 mobile phone

How to stop the battery drain on your HTC Android so that it lasts more than a day.

Almost a week ago I upgraded to an Android phone, the HTC Desire HD (full review to follow). The main disappointment has been the battery life. It does not even last for a whole day! Various Google searches has given lots of advice for how to disable energy draining features. But it seems a little silly to have a smart phone and then turn off all the smart features. A few colleagues at work have the same phone and suffer the same problem. Their solution – just charge it during the day. That’s fine if I’m in an office, but what about on the weekend?

I noticed that the phone often felt quite warm, even when it was in the snooze mode. Some more Googling and I finally stumbled on the answer. There’s a bug in the Android 2.2 software that causes a process to constantly use 70 – 100% of the CPU and thus quickly drains the battery.

The solution:
Enable USB debugging mode. Go to Menu / Settings / Applications / Development… then tick the “USB Debugging” option. Done.

For some reason this stops the process from using heaps of CPU and suddenly your battery lasts much longer. The only side effect is that your computer will ask to install some extra drivers when you connect your phone via USB (or you can just turn off that option when you connect).

Your HTC Desire HD Android is now the awesome phone it should be!

Juice Defender
I’ve also installed the free Juice Defender app that seems to do a good job in disabling battery draining features whenever the phone is in sleep mode but re-enables them once you start using it.

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7 Responses to “How to fix battery life problem on HTC Desire HD Android 2.2 mobile phone” »

  1. anonymous Says:

    Worked indeed for me !!!

  2. zm Says:

    thanks for your great tips and the ideas

  3. AndySquire Says:

    Hi Ya, Thanks for this. I was wondering how long i need to keep it connected to my laptop via USB. Do i just connect via USB then tick USB Debugging and leave it for a couple of minutes or for an hour or so?!


  4. Daz5803 Says:

    Will this fix also work on the origonal Desire? I’ve had mine for a year now and the battery life has shrunk recently.

  5. mo Says:

    ive got a htc desire will it work for me?

  6. Gouranga Says:

    Hi – I have just followed your advice re ‘usb debugging’ and also downloaded ‘juice defender’ and will let you know how it turns out. However, whilst I was doing all that my battery went into the red zone so I put it on charge and it only took a couple of hours to charge to the green light whereas before it would have to be on charge for most of the day and then again at night! Good start. I’ve got HTC desire, by the way, and I love it!

    Will let you know how it goes. Either way, thank you for taking the trouble to share your tips with us.

    ( ‘Gouranga’ means ‘be happy’, my son used to say it all the time until he died six years ago as a result of a motor cycle accident aged 29. Ever since then I have used it as my user name wherever possible.)

  7. Dawnah Says:

    Just did this now, I’m hoping it works because I just got my phone back from repair and I think they gave me a new battery as I was only getting 12 hours out of it and they’ve never mentioned that this simple solution could resolve that problem! Thanks for sharing!

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